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So What’s New with the Human Race? Nothing!
by jane Saturday, Mar 3 2018, 12:37am
international / prose / post

Interesting expression, “human race,” as indeed humanity is racing toward oblivion as I write.

The Russian leader V. Putin today announced a new supersonic (nuclear) ICBM, which claim if true, dramatically alters existing military power structures in the world; however, watching the videos of Putin’s new weapon immediately casts doubts as to the veracity of his claims. The videos are of very poor quality considering the high definition of today’s technologies and to add more doubt to his claims, the former Soviet Union, where Putin cut his KGB teeth, was known to exaggerate claims of Soviet power, which the USA and other nations fell for at the time.

But it’s all a matter of psychological warfare and one-up-manship, until of course the Soviet house of cards came tumbling down, America would soon follow; but old habits die very hard indeed, so Putin’s claim of overwhelming superiority must be taken with a few grains of salt at best and doubt and rejection at worst.

However, the issue here is ‘what’s new?’ Not a great deal as the puny human race has not only persisted in destructive behaviours throughout recorded history, it manifests the same idiotic and counter-productive tendencies TODAY. If anything could be accurately stated about humans it is that the species never learns and is consistent in its destructive behaviours.

Consider for instance how humans transpose their petty, vile, aggressive and PUNY characteristics onto the Gods they clearly create; Christians and Jews never tire of quoting the WAR in heaven as an excuse to justify war on earth, notwithstanding the fact that the God of the Jews is a gold-loving, homicidal/genocidal, racist maniac that requires human assistance to perform the simplest task, rather odd for an all powerful, omnipotent God, don’t you think?

Now note the claims of all man made religions that ‘their’ (created in man’s image) God is perfect and infinite.

Now note that a perfect God is incapable of any imperfection and that applies to ALL his/her/its creations, so how does this perfection translate into destructive wars, perpetual conflict and a clearly aberrant species completely opposed to the harmony that nature reveals daily? Well it doesn’t, the LIES, dreams, narrative fictions and delusions of humanity, always encoded by men (scribes) serving elite rulers, fall flat on their illogical, contradictory, stupid face -- ALL religion is a croc of man made shit that a first year high-schooler could easily PROVE/verify if given the task.

Another demented superpower (USA) imagines it is exceptional, it may be, however, the only exceptionalism the world witnesses is its profound stupidity and tenuous relationship with reality; in fact, for all the world to see, its current leader is IGNORANT to the EXTREME, a pathological (NPD) cot case, pathological LIAR and obvious buffoon -- so it makes some sense that a nation whose leader is an utter disgrace and national embarrassment would be divorced from reality, hence, in order to compensate for internationally known weaknesses, America imagines itself superior and exceptional flouting international civilised laws and conventions daily, though reality neutralises such delusionary claims that God is on its side -- reality indicates that the USA is failing at speed, even as I write.

Now, consider the supremely idiotic violent military competition between nations and the corporate poisoning of the environment? Again, human stupidity and greed are responsible. Nature has clearly delivered the message, HARMONY is the only sustainable approach yet some fuckwit wrote, “subdue the earth” in a religious text which mindless morons believe to this day, though disharmony, conflict, pollution and destruction now threaten human survival, but has humanity LEARNED, not a chance?

I could go on and on but it would be depressing as the point is made though gluttons for punishment are at liberty to pursue humanity’s innumerable follies, they are endless.

A final true word or two -- the REAL problem is not this or that nation, person or whatever, it is YOU as an aberrant species headed for your just reward.

Now think if you are able, could a perfect, flawless God create such an ignorant, destructive, imperfect being, not a chance, perfection only knows and produces perfection, which simple logic should awaken all the religionists, delusionists and others divorced from reality in this world; but true to character, humanity is impervious to simple reason, logic and the reality of peace and harmony which confronts it daily -- and so goes the pathetic, soon to be extinct, human ‘race.’ Clearly, there is no hope for this failed species though it has always had a choice to be constructive instead of destructive.

Good riddance to very bad rubbish indeed -- or would you rather wake up to yourselves and wage peace and harmony instead of war? Humanity has always had choice, and when choices are available the responsibility for the choice taken is borne by those that choose it, so choose wisely, though there is no precedent for wise and sustainable social choices taken in human history. Pathological “Fire and Fury,” indeed, how pathetically predictable!

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