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There is No Real News
by mod - Jungle Drum Newswire Tuesday, Mar 6 2018, 12:18am
international / prose / post

Ecclesiastes immediately comes to mind, all human endeavour is folly resulting in ruin and death. However, as accurate as that message is, we continue to arrogantly delude ourselves; of course we are 'better,' more advanced than peoples of the past, though the human disposition and condition has never changed -- what utter foolishness, arrogance and vanities we willingly believe about ourselves.


A 60‘s song expressed the same message, ‘It’s Good Newsweek,’ “someone dropped a bomb somewhere contaminating atmosphere and blackening the sky ...” and on it goes, is there anything truly new in the news? Not on your stupid enslaved, ignorant lives!

Entire societies once believed their leaders were divine, today they believe that God is on their side though all know nothing of creation’s enduring harmony which stares them in the face daily.

Various competing human groups wage war continually in order to impose their petty values on others and steal what is not rightfully theirs, the result is of course more war and ruin, which is broadcast daily for mindless morons to consume on the drip-feed or mass media.

You would imagine that people would eventually learn, but folly overrides all reason and common sense.

Power today is inverted, the most powerful, the MAJORITY, defer to weak minority interests, which LIE, exploit and cheat; “the market” is not free, it’s a plaything for the most wealthy players; nations exist only in name as global financial elites rule via their filthy lucre to which the peasants are addicted. And to emphasise the utter worthlessness of money today it is no longer pegged to gold, silver or any other valuable commodity which makes today’s money of no more intrinsic value than the coloured paper/plastic it is printed on. The same minority interests also own the means of producing money at the press of a key or button and YET the mindless moronic masses ACCEPT this obvious RUSE, which amounts to the biggest CON in recorded history.

The economy is a sham, a jugglers trick, which juggler, I would add, is dropping hoops everywhere. The law is flouted daily by elites yet it is applied to the peasants made powerless by their own COWARDICE, though of course all it takes is unity of purpose (not partisanship or ideology) to crush minority, parasitic exploiters and slave drivers; however, the masses have been enslaved since large societies were formed and are yet to break their imposed (belief) chains.

The weakness is obvious, B-E-L-I-E-F, have you ever taken the trouble to analyse it? Of course not, as you are all on the mass media drip-feed.

Belief is the fundamental building block of all crowd management and social control.

Now who really needs belief to survive successfully? Skilled professionals learn methods/disciplines in their related fields, belief does not come into it, it is ALL a matter of application and method, no belief required whatsoever -- apply the formulas, engineering, technology or whatever, and get the result. What need is there for BELIEF? NONE!

However, entire societies are governed by it, you would quickly discover that belief is not necessary to function expertly in any society today, SKILL is the only requirement, you dumb fucks -- but please continue to believe in the lies, narrative fictions and cultural MYTHS that have led all previous civilisations to their utter ruin.

REALITY does not need belief it is self-evident, beliefs are all fiction, myth based, containing not a spec of real-world reality. Yet you continue to believe in this or that man-made fiction and remain unaware that sub-scribing to the pre-scribed enslaves you, you mindless, dumb-arses.

Does EXISTENCE, the cosmos, nature, require belief to function? Not at all, everything natural simply expresses its innate nature without repression, doubt or fear -- you morons ought to try it sometime, but it’s a big ask for mind-numbed slaves that actually believe they are powerless and therefore tremble in their shoes. It is always tiny minorities that consciously deceive and exploit populations which blindly accept their chains and therefore deserve their lot.

WMD etc, ALL LIES/propaganda, BUT where are the jail sentences for the heinous, mass murdering LIARS? You see, YOU are too COWARDLY to restore your respective societies to morality, sanity and justice and so flagrant State CRIMINALITY increases OPENLY, you dumb, gutless, fucks.

Now consider a world without beliefs -- understand that beliefs are NOT necessary; people woud then be forced to take responsibility for their lives and their immediate environment. Coordinated social action would result to immediately stem any problem or enhance conditions, creativity would flourish without repression/belief.

Skills would increase without stultifying beliefs; humans together mutually cooperating would become more productive spontaneously, no leaders or followers, as belief creates both, just responsible human beings living as ONE; can’t you see this possible reality? It is beliefs that divide and enslave humanity, you do not need belief period, you already have what you need, creativity, awareness, ingenuity and resourcefulness, all of which natural characteristics are stymied by inculcated, imposed beliefs.

Now an announcement, this site will be decommissioned when it reaches post 3,333 as per our parent site. We simply cannot continue to state the sky is blue while you refuse to lift your eyes and see for yourselves. We are tired of attempting to communicate with lobotomised, blinkered donkeys, put simply you are not worth it, you see ‘worth’ is earned and mindless slaves clearly are not worth a pinch of shit.

So if anyone wishes to post or contribute, you’d better be quick though we know there’s little chance of that prospect -- so to reiterate, this site will be decommissioned when it reaches post, 3,333.

Good luck suckers and slaves, you’ll need it!

audio It's Good News Week

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