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Media Lobotomised Populations
by jude Monday, Mar 12 2018, 2:03am
international / prose / post

Years past I often mused over the fact that the western public expressed cynicism and rightful doubt over content in the mass media. Doubts as to the veracity and accuracy of stories in the mass media were common among citizens; ‘surely you don’t believe what you read in the ‘papers,’ which were the major delivery medium at the time, was a common cynical remark. Yet people continued to consume the ‘news’ and other flagrant propaganda articles, though with a degree of uncertainty, as there was unanimity in major media content.

Indeed, media lies and propaganda were and are the hallmark of the mass media, which content always issues from a few major wires. Today, however, especially with the advent of digital communications, to which the current imbecile US president is clearly addicted, the mass media reigns supreme as the foremost brainwashing agent in the West and East.

Stories today beggar belief, wild accusations are made without the slightest evidential basis, the only consistency is repetition to the endth degree until the public at large becomes convinced of the lies -- now note that only a fraction of the lies need be believed to be effective socially, other citizens then mutually convince and convert.

Entire nations are taken to war based on lies, notwithstanding those lies soon become exposed, though not one head rolls over the deplorable orchestrated crimes and the fact that hundreds of thousands of innocent lives have been lost, a social pursuit (justice) which the mass media once supported, justice and accountability were not as yet dead as they are with the thoroughly corrupt media of today.

The effect of no accountability for heinous crimes committed by the State and its various apparatuses is that State crimes continue and worsen, yet the castrated and lobotomised public remains in a torpor, or media induced paralysis. Indeed, if any war could be considered a roaring success today it is the psychological war on the people, the media’s ability to tame millions and render them psychological slaves and socially impotent is a remarkable success.

Consider the FACT that the ORCHESTRATED LIES and millions of innocent deaths resulting from illegal wars are socially acceptable today, now that outcome is NEW, as public outrage and protests over the illegal Vietnam war ended with its termination and retreat. In that sense the public maintained its integrity and sense of morality -- if crimes were exposed and proven then the guilty indeed faced consequences, though few were brought before the courts; nevertheless, public outrage was sufficient to neutralise persistent illegal wars and various officials paid a high price, impeachment and/or resignation in order to avoid consequences.

Now where is that public response TODAY? The wars initiated by the United States over the past two decades have all been fought on the basis of now exposed LIES and tissue thin pretexts, yet America’s grossly ILLEGAL presence and interference in Syria continues, the nose-ringed western public accepts horrendous State crime today yet the Sate continues to subject citizens to penalties and incarceration for misdemeanours -- make sense to you, dear apathetic, SPINELESS reader?

Today we have an impotent, retreating public though the masses continue to be the strongest potential social force on the planet; however, if motivating factors, namely morality, justice, freedom and legality, to name a few, are hamstrung or removed from cultural conscious then the result is that as each year passes more criminals, rogues and other sordid types would ascend to power, the regulating factor -- THE PEOPLE -- no longer pose a threat to nefarious, amoral psychopaths; furthermore, the public now elects these psychopaths to office.
Very well done (CFR managed) mass media and CIA shaped and supported social media.

As for the public you do not need me to tell you the final outcome of your cowardice, LACK of social responsibility, morality, sense of justice and fair play. But to rub salt into the psychologically and socially wounded: YOU the PUBLIC remain in essence the most powerful social force in existence, BUT you must reject the divisive and alienating strategies of ALL media, especially the digital, in order to REALISE your power and ACT in your and your respective nation’s best interests, otherwise enjoy the psychological and financial chains that bind you..

Perhaps you should take into consideration that ruling elites print unpegged money at will today, so wonder no more why they are wealthy and lord over you. Nevertheless, without your subscription in the false value of this toilet paper money it would be as worthless as the paper it is printed on, you poor, media-captured, useless, mindless, nothings.

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