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The War China Cannot and Never will Win
by zed Tuesday, Mar 13 2018, 3:07am
international / prose / post

The Chinese communist party’s idiotic war on religion persists under the now autocratic rule of new ‘emperor’ Xi Jinping, who is reputedly a clever politician, though clearly his dealings with religious groups prove otherwise.

Perhaps we should refer Mr Xi to cultural history.

A cursory review of powerful states/empires, worldwide, attempting to combat religion has proven that the more States attack religion the more powerful religion becomes until of course the State is defeated by religion, as is always the case. Readers would note that after hundreds of years of persecuting Christians in the most horrific manner, the Roman empire was forced to defer to the superstitious beliefs of the Christian religion; emperor Constantine became the first Christian Roman emperor and fought battles under the banner of the cross, an astute political move, as most are aware of the old adage, ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!’ No State has ever succeeded in eliminating religion by force, repression or coercion, social opium or not.

Now, the Chinese are traditionally a very superstitious people and religion feeds off superstition. The many demons, spirits and other supernatural entities that assail and assist humans in Chinese mythology are too nuerous to mention, suffice to say that Xi could no more eliminate religion in China than he could fly, though if he was a religious leader he would have a much better chance of ‘flying,’ notwithstanding with the assistance of propaganda to that effect, as all religions have and utilise blatant and ridiculous lies to this end.

All religions are bunk if taken literally but wise scribes always wrap rational truths in magical, superstitious religious belief in order to allow the ignorant to believe in irrational (which always overcomes the rational) fantasy while the wise and educated are easily able to fathom the truth via the obvious symbolism.

For instance, Jesus was reputed to be able to fly or walk on water and rise from the dead, utter crap if the text is analysed expertly; cultural and historical analysts would note that it is impossible for mortals to kill Gods period, a consistency throughout all religions and mythologies worldwide, only Gods are able to kill Gods, so Christianity encounters a huge problem, could Romans or mere Jewish politicians kill a God, not a chance; the text itself refers to this dilemma in the Gospel of Mark, whereupon at the time of Jesus’ arrest by the state, a youth mysteriously appears in the garden in a linen night dress and evades capture, the soldiers were only able to rend his garment from him -- the ‘mysterious youth’ escapes NAKED leaving only a ‘garment’ in the hands of the State. Have we got it yet, morons?

You see, clean linen, two thousand years ago was also utilised for burying the dead, the symbolism is unmistakable, the garment here informs the initiated that the God aspect escapes death in his pristine form (naked) and leaves only his garment on the cross, a gross human body to suffer as human bodies do.

This instance in the New Testament clearly addresses the huge problem of mortals killing Gods as clearly they cannot -- in other words morons, Jesus didn’t die, HE COULDN’T, as all true Gods would be immune to death but then how would the magical resurrection occur if Jesus was not killed, clearly one must die before one is able to rise from the dead. So the story and the greatest lie of Christianity becomes the foundation stone of the religion, that mortal men killed God, who couldn’t die if he tried; you see morons, if the creator and sustainer of all existence dies then ‘he/she’ takes all existence with it and we would not have existence, which didn’t miss a beat when Jesus supposedly ‘died.’ And readers wonder why I refer to the masses as MORONS, well if you cannot add 2+2 and would rather believe in the absurd and impossible then be my guest, MORONS!

Now to the flying above the water episode; okay, readers would need to be familiar with ancient symbolism to get this one so I’ll let you off the hook, however, I expect you to research and prove the matter for yourselves as anyone with half a brain would, rather than believe in the impossible or absurd.

Water symbolised emotion a few millennia past and continues to in places like India, where the appellation ‘Swami,’ refers to one that is able to rise above or swim above raw emotion (turbulent water), all of which negative emotions are clearly destructive to the entity, think how you ‘lose it’ when you, lose it!

Now back the the NT. Peter was the hot-headed, temper prone, and reactionary disciple, as indicated numerous times in the text; therefore we should note that when Peter joined Jesus on the ‘stormy’ water he began to sink, why? For reasons outlied above, Peter was a slave to his emotions which continued to plague his reason and good sense throughout his life, a very bad choice to build a church on, ‘Roman’ Catholics, hence that church’s deplorable history of torture, sexual misconduct and above all, HYPOCRISY!

When Peter joined Jesus (who was teaching us all to be masters of our unruly emotions) on/above the water, he began to sink as his raw unruly emotions dragged him under, as they do with all of us, Capice? There is nothing supernatural in this lesson, nothing whatsoever, though of course morons would continue to BELIEVE in the impossible rather than reason and good sense, but be my guest, as Jesus also stated, for good reason, let ‘the blind lead the blind.’

So most religions have double meanings, the magical and fantastic for children and superstitious morons and the true for the wise, aware and evolved. However, the dynamic or engine in all religions is BELIEF, fantastic or otherwise. And it is this belief to which impoverished, ignorant people cling at ALL costs -- note that when we face extrememly difficult situations which we think we cannot deal with, we tend to call on God, who saves, remember? All the religions purport to save the weak, ignorant, helpless and true believers.

So good luck Mr Xi, as you haven’t got a chance of competing with religion, though of course if you are as smart as they say you are, you could do a ‘Constantine’ and embrace a traditional Chinese religion, Mahayana Buddhism, which would assist you in combating undermining foreign belief systems and internal cults like Falun gong, led by a huckster if ever there was one.

My advice to Xi is to use religion rather than fight it, as China is FACED with many outside obstacles and real THREATS today. Chinese Buddhism is a very good choice as it does not believe in any Gods, only experiential enlightenment.

We’ll see how Mr Xi goes, as the perceived enemy within, if not dealt with properly, is far more powerful than the real enemy without.

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