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Islamic Paradise
by bilal Thursday, Mar 15 2018, 1:17am
international / prose / post


I recently read the Quran
and what an uninspired
dry and tedious read it was
tho it could be a little better
in its original Arabic

it is brimming with commands,
prohibitions and threats;
the result of not adhering to commands is
hell fire for eternity, as if mature adult minds
are so easily intimidated, clearly there are no follies or crimes that
deserve eternal torture, puny man is simply not so powerful, that simple

the Quran is so dry and uninspired that it defies
reason why anyone would believe
it wasn’t a dull compilation or amalgam
of the religions that preceded it

the preceding religions all have to their credit
inspiring passages and contain literary poetic devices
to captivate readers
whereas one must force oneself to read the dry,
uninspired Quran, which reads more like
a technical manual for a washing machine than anything else,
which characteristic betrays the fact that it was
encoded by uninspired copyists
that have no idea of the splendour
of divine consciousness

Sanskrit, Sumerian, Persian,
Egyptian, Jewish and Christian religious texts
are brimming with literary delights
which clearly attract readers to the message --
narrative, allegory, allusion, poesy, every literary device
imaginable is utilised to captivate and inspire readers,
not simplistic, infantile threats and commands alone

which mature adult is frightened by
threats of hell fire written by
clearly uninspired retards?

but to demonstrate its simplistic
paradise, the ultimate
reward for those that cower like
infants to baseless, unqualified threats,
is described as a ‘garden with a river,'
literally, give me a break!

if you have seen what I and mystics
have seen of the ineffable splendour
of creation, a ‘garden with a river’ is PATHETIC

however, no culture is without its mystics,
compare the dry Quran with the works of Sufi poets
and mystics, particularly Rumi, or the absurdist, pedagogic humour of
Mulla Nasrudin all written by inspired
writers intoxicated with divine presence,
love, truth, knowledge and peace in other words,
and it becomes easy to understand why Islamic literalists
detest and fear the Sufis, as the former lack an intimate relationship
with divinity, as is clearly evident with the blood,
guts, torture and beheadings characteristic of fundamentalists,
‘you will know them by their fruits,’ another religious text states

the one commonality that mystics share across
cultural and historical barriers
is the consistency of the mystical experience,
which Experience, for fundamentalists/literalists is impossible,
as they adhere to a DEAD book not a LIVING God,

Direct Apprehension of God
requires no coercion, threats of hell fire
or the reward of a ridiculously simplistic ‘paradise’
understand that the creator hides from no-one,
in fact the creative principle is more immediate than your next breath

the exalted writings of all the world’s mystics
bring to the reader an intimation
of the reality of divine love and the exquisite peace
and bliss that mystics experience;
their poetry and narratives
are a pleasure to read whether one believes in God or not,
which texts are in stark contrast to the Quran,
which remains a tortuous uninspired,
simplistic read

other religious writings are known for their skillful use of allusion, metaphor
and narrative allegory, sadly lacking for the most part in the Quran,
it is simply an extremely dull book of commands and prohibitions
which only intimidates feeble intellects and children
and inspires very few, a billion shared ‘wrongs’ do not make one ‘right’

nevertheless, all encoded religions are fictions, fact

finite words cannot deliver infinite reality,
if you wish to read God’s living ‘book’ read Existence/nature and its
pure expression of the creator’s truth and harmony, it hides nothing,
it is you that hides from it!

however, if you are a trembling coward then believe in hell fire --
as if any real creator would create only to torture for eternity
that which is created;

enlightened aware people do not believe in psychopathic, murderous, flawed Gods
or the works of uninspired, dull, primitive men

you see, perfect Gods are unable to create imperfection as imperfection
only arises from the imperfect -- that reality alone should cure all religionists
but alas, fundamentalists, Christian, Jewish, Islamic or otherwise
clearly lack any sense, as is self-evident

put simply, you cannot find a living God in a dead book written by men
and all religions are based on texts, though some are more inspiring than others;
yet REAL-ITY is forever in everyone’s face, as if the creative force is remote
or hidden, absurd!

if you truly seek the REAL creative principle (God) then rid yourself of selfishness, fear,
guilt, cowardice, greed, and above all, thought -- nature withholds nothing, it gives freely
and so should we

and remember that no coward or violent, selfish, avaricious pig
could ever enter into the blissful presence of an omnipresent,
Loving, Infinite, PERFECT God, you irredeemable, dumb, blind fucks

no-one is able to save you but yourself,
as you are in reality already saved,
so why would you consciously forfeit
your Freedom for the dull, uninspiring
words of culture/men?

another mystic wrote,
‘why do you clothe yourself in THOUGHT [cultural productions, words and symbols]
it benefits nothing?’

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