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Russia did it! Orchestrated Accusations Based on Assumptions and Flagrant Propaganda
by darcy Sunday, Mar 18 2018, 1:47am
international / prose / post

Here we go again. Who could forget the preposterous, thoroughly implausible LIE that Saddam Hussein could launch an attack on the UK in, wait for it, “45 minutes?” Yes, Mr Blair you are a proven, shameless, pathological LIAR and war criminal, as the facts today CLEARLY indicate -- now note I said verifiable “FACTS.”

Theresa 'errand girl' May
Theresa 'errand girl' May

Yet Tony Blair and his fellow cohorts in horrendous crimes against humanity, namely, the Bush administration (WMD lies) and that little pip-squeak PM John Howard of Australia, “aluminium tubes” and uranium from Niger to be utilised in the manufacture of weapons grade plutonium, together formed the ‘coalition of willing criminal LIARS’ in order to advance the perpetual war and resource theft agenda of the blatantly criminal USA, led then and today by the Neocons -- now note I said “blatantly criminal” as history now VERIFIES, notwithstanding that any half-brain could have seen through the tissue thin, preposterous CLAIMS and orchestrated LIES at the time.

YET the mindless masses swallowed these absurd lies and off to illegal wars they went, which is a testament to the power of the western media/propaganda apparatus that feeds lies to the western world DAILY.

Surely the majority of people should have learned NOT to swallow CLAIMS, presumptions, assumptions and be swayed by BASELESS accusations without the production of REAL, irrefutable EVIDENCE? But alas, the mindless masses on the media drip-feed appear to have been DUPED once again -- now note not a shred of evidence has EVER been produced to substantiate ANY claim that Putin/Russia interfered with US elections or hacked the email accounts of leading Democrats, which internal LEAK has been verified though hardly publicised by the western, LYING media apparatus.

So what do we have today from the UK? PM Theresa May, who clearly couldn’t cope with a London apartment block fire, issuing ULTIMATUMS on Russia, based no doubt on her known political ‘genius’ and clairvoyant powers, as AGAIN, no substantial evidence of Russia’s involvement has been established -- have WE seen this movie before? What we do see, however, is more fantastic and baseless claims and accusations against Putin and Russia; I feel like taking a flight to the UK and selling London Bridge to that moronic population.

Surely Blair, Brown, Bush and Howard should have taught the western masses something, and that someTHING is that these nations are led by duplicitous LIARS and CRIMINALS, fully cognisant of the fact that their criminal LIES result in millions of innocent deaths worldwide.

So let’s add 2+2, if you are able. These CLEARLY orchestrated, flagrant LIES all point to one political TACTIC, unleashing further varied attacks on Russia, you see, crippling Russia is a neocon wet dream, as Russia dared to interfere with US criminal plans for the Middle East -- that simple! Though I do not expect the masses to see the nose on their collective face.

So western masses, enjoy the fact that not one western PROVEN war criminal has ever been prosecuted, and that you CONTINUE to be led by CRIMINALS that fervently hope they remain immune from justice, accountability and are never required to justify their OBVIOUS criminal actions -- thank you CFR managed western mass media and CIA shaped digital social media today!

Now, how difficult is it to DEMAND irrefutable EVIDENCE from your leaders before your safety is jeopardised by proven psychopathic criminal leaders, you gutless, mindless pommy MORONS?

Personally I hope that Russia is pushed to the extreme and retaliates with force -- which response western criminal elites fervently hope for -- as it is CLEAR as crystal that NATO, the USA/Israel and lackey hangers on like subservient Australia, New Zealand, etc, are working together to weaken and hopefully neutralise Russia, China and Iran.

Yes, there’s a lot more to it but WE need only expose one aspect of the game in order to blow the lid off the entire criminal charade and jail the most heinous criminals in modern history.

Indeed, an aware democratic MAJORITY is easily and always able to restore sanity, honesty, INTEGRITY and JUSTICE to their currently hijacked nations -- FACT! But don’t forget to tune in to the mass media daily and get the ‘true (unsubstantiated) story’ from a clearly western CRIMINAL elite -- as if SERVILE western politicians wield any real power today! London Bridge anyone, it’s going for a song?

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