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Oz Dreamtime
by manu Wednesday, Mar 21 2018, 2:40am
international / poetry / post

the originals of Oz have
fascinated me all my life
so after finishing my studies
and other obligations i had to my
Balkan family
i hit the red centre with a passion,
as city indigenous had lost their connection
to their sacred culture tho if i was/am able to appreciate
it, then nothing impedes the ‘yellow people,’
as they are known to the originals

indigenous dreamtime stories and what we would call myths
enthralled me,
every full blood i encountered and there were many at that time,
i questioned, tho with the respect this ancient people deserved,
indeed, it is respect that allows all humans to interact across cultures

it took a while to remove the Anglo cultural dust from my brain
but when finally accomplished, sitting at the campfire
with my new friends, i entered into another reality/dimension, as dreamtime
is open-ended and does not create barriers, barriers must be introduced
by limited cultures

the western notion of memory for example is convoluted and absurd focusing
on quantifiable and measurable properties according to western science
so it’s either chemical, electric or both but it never gains the status of
objective ‘western reality,’ whereas indigenous memory is a means to the
open-ended aspect of existence, the dreamtime creative principle

for instance, if i imagine my first love
a pleasing 16yo and see her as she was then almost perfectly,
the more i focus and concentrate the clearer she becomes as all memory
is photographic, tactile and sensuous within its own realm;
the problem for westerners is retrieval, as culture relegates memory to imagination
and therefore the unreal, not important enough to be treasured as critically necessary,
whereas the originals do not, they see the past, present and future as one process
constantly moving and adding to experience, hence
memories are appreciated as part of a seamless, expanding reality

there is much power in this view as once mastered alterations in phenomenological
‘reality’ are able to be effected, particularly in other humans whether they believe or not, tho the indigenous are far more susceptible to these modulations, especially tribal justice wrought by singing and various rituals, pointing bones etc, which kill the indigenous but not whites tho whites are easily killed with the same focus tho not with Emu feathers and bones, culture specific items must be used the focus is on belief and whatever is believed becomes reality for that believer, a bone would therefore be replaced with a bad pathology report and supporting data, much as western social media is now able to manipulate behaviour, proven recently with Trump’s election as president.

However, the mental aspect remains the same, we effect the stature of the mind we wish to disrupt or enhance and minds are supremely amenable, as is now accepted in the west by IT companies and the mass media, we would all note how no evidence is provided for the most outrageous claims, only repetition until the lie is believed, Russia’s involvement in the nerve gas death of a former Russian double agent is a good current example, but i digress a little.

when indigenous imagine a dead relative that relative is not dead as he/she lives in the dreamtime, which the subject animates. By focusing on that person the experient is able to conduct a discourse and learns, usually given solutions for present dilemmas, as it’s all one, remember? Time and space do not enter into dreamtime reality as they LIMIT experience and block entries into other dimensions/realities, and they are infinite in number.

my interaction with the originals occurred at the time western man walked on the moon, i recall my indigenous friends’ amazement not at the act but the fact that the ‘walkers’ took their physical bodies with them; the indigenous have never been restricted to any given plane tho they must inhabit a suitable ‘body’ for a given task; consciousness for instance is not confined to any plane, in fact it is able to approach and unite with ALL existence, so you see why these tribals were amused by this strange event, they simply could not understand why anyone would bother to go to the moon dragging a terrestrial body with them, how absurd!

Consider this short piece an intro as there is much more to learn then APPLY!

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