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YOU have Freely Subscribed, so Why complain?
by justin Thursday, Mar 22 2018, 12:26am
international / prose / post

The vast majority of citizens today are digital media slaves, managed and manipulated by social and other media. The recent exposure of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica using algorithms to directly influence a presidential election outcome in the USA is ample proof of how personal information is utilised against the public and national interest.

Political leaders in nations that host offices for Cambridge Analytica have denounced this organisation and Facebook for breaching the confidence that users place in these clearly nefarious companies yet it was/is always explained in the fine print that the information supplied becomes the property of the company to which users subscribe and foolishly reveal their very personal details, not only about themselves but also about their ‘friends.’ Users therefore should not be surprised when this highly personal information is utilised against them. THINK for a second, why on earth would you reveal such intimate and highly personal information to strangers, which of course use it for their own purposes/interests?

Now note how these companies are acutely aware that the information they harvest is your personal property -- the use of which earns companies $billions in profits -- but you the moron loser/user release all your rights for a percentage of that profit by agreement. Talk about M-O-R-O-N-S! And with the release of the above latest information-abuse scandal, the label ‘moron’ sticks fast.

In the early days of social media development, which budding companies were financially supported by the CIA for a price, which was that those companies would shape the model in order for ‘investors’ to benefit from -- the two largest and most financially successful CIA supported companies today are Google and Facebook.

The CIA and other various agencies seek, above all, personal information about everyone to make their job easier; in Australia the regulatory agencies, police and ‘intelligence’ agencies refer to Facebook as ‘Tracebook,’ such is the ease with which the State and other parties (now exposed) are able to utilise this information for their own purposes.

Today we know those purposes are not in the interests of users or society but nevertheless remain treasured by corporations with a view to reducing labour (your job), cutting costs (wages stagnation) and increasing PROFITS (for elites), though the public, the source of this treasure, receives nothing but grief for their very foolish participation.

Now to the crux.

Who, considering all the legal clauses allowing companies to exploit user information, could legitmately lay blame on those companies? No-one, as users offered the information freely and by their own choice -- talk about morons, again! Nevertheless, YOU remain the source of their profits, as the entities they sell your information to then target you for product sales, so the solution becomes CLEAR -- drop Facebook entirely from you life, use emails and other means for important communications, you need Facebook like you need a hole in your head, now PROVEN!

However, the primary fault remains with users that knowingly and stupidly reveal their innermost thoughts, likes, dislikes and preferences to STRANGERS that utilise this valuable information for nefarious, monetary and other purposes not yet disclosed by the privately owned media and ‘other’ vested interests.

It wouldn’t surprise me if these digital generations one day began to sell their sons and daughters to the highest bidder, as clearly they already display the characteristics required for those actions though you may think it extreme today, but remember that had you described the behaviour and lack of personal privacy of modern generations to past generations, you would not have been believed, as previous generations valued their personal privacy and the freedoms non-disclosure allowed; so clearly anything is possible in the future, and if the State, agencies and their corporations indicate a trend that trend spells the most horrid outcome for Liberty, Fraternity, Equality, Justice and Freedom -- you see, Democracy is already DEAD, it was/is the first casualty of the media war waged on us all.

Those responsible for the death of Democracy are the mindless, insecure, moronic, digitally paralysed SLAVES of today which have no social sense of responsibility whatsoever.

So good luck, morons, you’re gonna need it; I should add that the underlying CAUSE of this behaviour is COWARDICE and FEAR, all instilled in today’s generations subliminally by guess who? THE PRIVATELY OWNED DIGITAL AND MASS MEDIA -- and remember, there is no greater slave than the slave that is unaware he/she is ENSLAVED.

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