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by julie Monday, Apr 2 2018, 2:49am
international / poetry / post

soaring high above
extended sight
makes the ground immediate
two worlds are brought together
with wings and eyes

the bird emits a piercing shriek tho no-one
has determined to what/whom it shrieks
perhaps it alarms the creatures below
making targeting easier

the smallest mammals are not missed by
the bird of prey,
targeted animals must evade skilfully
otherwise itís over

itís a matter of timing as once committed
the bird at hellfire speed is unable to alter
its trajectory and so little creatures escape
tho out-matched in every respect except judgement/

deadly talons withdraw as the bird seeks
an up-draft to lift it to the heights
in slow gliding circles
from where
it must attack again

a person is surrounded by
armed aggressors that rely too heavily
on their technological superiority,
the defenceless have only two effective weapons
with which to evade the aggressor,
judgement and quick wit

the uniformed human drones
continue on their way
not realising the person they stopped
was their target

thus the free meek and small
prevail against the larger
constrained opponent

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