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by zed Monday, Apr 2 2018, 2:54am
international / poetry / post

this plane is a contained hermetically sealed
environment, some would say our atmosphere seals
all life below and within it

yet the cosmic harmony that knows no bounds
effects all things here as it does everywhere

there is one escape into harmony that few have realised
tho this plane undisturbed is a harmonious paradise --
however, all things being mutually e/affective
our paradise is lost due to the perversions of a
profoundly lost species

two choices present, cease inharmonious disturbances
to restore balance and harmony or seek personal freedom
from the polluting, poison forces
that have doomed the planet and enslaved the dominant species,
notwithstanding these pursuits are complimentary

one choice presents as difficult, many dynamics must be altered to
re-establish harmony and hopefully the paradise lost,
not an impossible task but extremely fraught;
the other is freely available to the dominant species only,
seek a doorway, where none is apparent, to real freedom
which would remove the entity from the fate that dooms all

do you see a doorway or are you trapped
by your own ignorance/folly?

the foremost facilitator or attribute to effect change is consciousness,
use it, tho its dampening by culture is requisite for ongoing
perversion/destruction/the status quo

consider your thoughts, all of which are composed
of cultural signs, symbols, words and images
then ask, where has culture led us? Disharmony and destruction!
it, culture, is simply perverse and perversion leads to oblivion

yet we constantly entertain thought and are therefore subject/enslaved
by/to perverse culture by simply thinking, which animates culture,
internally and externally; mind feeds unconsciously from the reinforcing apparatuses of culture via the
-- MEDIA -- that speaks the same language as our thoughts,
which consequence reduces our broad expansive scope
to transmitted linear, fixed belief, and/or binary options/oppositions only,
yet the expanse of existence exalts Being infinity, as is evident, and
therefore presents limitless options

the doorway to real freedom is discovered simply by becoming aware
of the cultural thought-walls (beliefs) that confine us and the dynamics of cultural learning/re-enforcement (socialisation) facilitated by all manner of media, primarily text, which build our belief prisons.

Therefore it becomes expedient to reject superimposed media/cultural beliefs and utilise NEW harmonious thought patterns to gain our independence and freedom -- the chains that bind us all are truly tissue-thin.

the easiest path to freedom is to cease thinking (obvious) as culture resides in the thought process -- let it go, BE STILL to the core of your being AND KNOW! Once free your new creative thought patterns would guide you and others to harmony, safety and the joy that issues therefrom.

Understand that culture resides in your mind, how simple it is to inculcate with the same signs and symbols, language (via the media) that already exist or are replicated/reflected in mind. ideological transfers are therefore seamless, beliefs tho completely unnecessary, bypass vetting as they enter or already exist in mind -- have you ever asked yourself why you believe, when belief is entirely dispensable to a fulfilling Life.

Existence is not insecure it requires no support whatsoever, it is self-evident and shines as the stars shine without doubts, crutches or others to support mutually accepted cultural fictions, and note that man has created all cultures/beliefs, why would you enslave yourself to the perverse fictions of other men when existence/Being requires nothing external to BE and PERSIST?

It is parasitic culture that frantically and violently (coercion) requires you to believe (in it), you DO NOT require it/culture to BE your true, unique Self.

You too would shine as the stars after you gain your Freedom from the Known.


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