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As Expected -- False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria
by justin Sunday, Apr 8 2018, 3:30am
international / prose / post

We can thank buffoon Boris Johnson for blowing it regarding the 'poisoning' and subsequent clearly orchestrated (by Washington) propaganda exercise blaming Russia for the alleged attack on a Russian double agent and his daughter. So what do we see today?

Now readers, consider that buffoon Boris lied through his teeth (proven) regarding proof (non-existent) that Russia perpetrated the attack, why? Clearly in order to ingratiate himself with the powers that imagine they own the world, nevertheless, the chemical/gas attack in Syria reveals a larger plan to legitimise an attack on Russia herself. Though in both instances, no real proof or evidence has been offered linking Russia to either attack. Britain's own military labs were unable to link the agent used in the attack to Russia.

The ONLY link to Russia was created by lying British politicians and a mass media propaganda exercise managed by the CFR and Washington war hawks. It is clear that the attempted 'Novicrap' ruse exposes a much larger and broader nefarious criminal plan, similar to the criminal Iraq invasion based on LIES.

Also, circumstances as they are and have been recently prompted a number of alternative media journalists to PREDICT this false flag attack in Syria, well done, as NOW the neocon cat is out of the bag. Watch closely as the situation develops, very few would be in any doubt about criminal Washington's and London's machinations.

And you morons continue to believe you live in democracies where the media reports the truth -- well GULLIBLE morons, think again!

Russia denies chemical weapons used in Syria's Douma, Ifax reports

Reuters Staff

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia dismissed reports of a deadly chemical weapons attack in Syria’s Douma, Interfax news service reported on Sunday, citing Russia’s Ministry of Defence.

At least 49 people have been reported killed in the attack on the rebel-held enclave of Douma on Saturday evening.

“We decidedly refute this information,” Major-General Yuri Yevtushenko, head of the Russian peace and reconciliation center in Syria, was cited as saying.

“We hereby announce that we are ready to send Russian specialists in radiation, chemical and biological defense to collect information, as soon as Douma is freed from militants. This will confirm the trumped-up nature of these statements,” Yevtushenko is quoted as saying.

Damascus has denied mounting any such attack and has blamed rebels for spreading false news.

Writing by Polina Ivanova; Editing by Larry King
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