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by lex Monday, Apr 9 2018, 1:27am
international / poetry / post

whales sing in the oceans
birds sing in the sky
existence is a song
which harmony man ignores

do the flowers of the field toil
and spin, as was said of old?

galaxies spin creating their particular
song, a symphony complete with stars
and all manner of singing lights
vibrating according to their character

is it sad that man fails to hear and heed
the music of the spheres?
is it sad that the cosmos dances for joy?
the answer is the same

discord is not tolerated for long in perfection
yet man fails to hear, see and learn,
the future for man is therefore mapped and easily read

should i mourn the loss of a failed species
when many have failed before it?
no, as the pattern is set, enduring harmony (not discord)

should i mourn the loss of my temporary home on earth
when my true home is the light and life eternal?

would i be enslaved by manís creations, thought/culture --
which are easily defeated?

man kills only himself as he has no power
over real life, only the life-giver is able to extinguish
life if it could but its perfection prevents it
as it would kill itself

ur temporal life is but a dream that fireflies, fleas
and gnats dream
return to ur original flame which no power could extinguish
and u would see that temporal death is a joke,
bodies merely returning to the elements
from which they are composed freeing ur essential nature
and accumulated experience in the process

are you the body? surely not, seek refuge, joy and peace
in the light which animates the gross
you are of the most rarefied but u must KNOW it
to BE it

learn that consciousness does not require thought
which mind must express in order to exist
mind and consciousness are distinctly apart

if u watch mind/thought, as they cannot be separated,
u too would learn that all your thought-signs, symbols, words and images
are derived from culture,
the creation and prison of fools and the blind

are you a sovereign Being or a product, therefore a slave
of culture?

all things are created free, why would you forfeit ur
greatest treasure for a turd?

u have two choices, freedom or aligning ur
culture to the noble and enduring
cosmic harmony

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