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People Stop Wars NOT Governments
by james Tuesday, Apr 10 2018, 2:24am
international / prose / post

The modern era is noted for wars based on lies, (Iraq, Afghanistan) false flag incidents (Vietnam, Syria) and pretexts (Libya) all of which wars were/are based on criminal DECEPTION.

The first such NEEDLESS criminal war waged by a government (Washington) was in Vietnam/Indo-China; however, the western mass media of the time was far more diversified (60‘s), not concentrated, centralised and harnessed (by the CFR) as it is today.

Western populations WERE treated nightly to the horrors and injustices of the criminal wars pursued by their criminal governments, mass murder and massacres were common-place, notwithstanding the heinous crime of indiscriminate “carpet bombing” in numerous nations in Indo-China, Laos, Cambodia, not officially at war with the US.

REAL journalism, without fear or favour, and reporting of the time resulted in outrage among western populations, massacres of innocent villagers and other atrocities shocked the apathetic public into action; internationally, students formed the vanguard of an international protest movement against these mass murdering (6 million innocents murdered) wars for profit. Two LYING U.S. presidents were disgraced, (Johnson and Nixon) the later almost suffering impeachment for domestic criminal activities (Watergate) DUE in large part to a diversified, decentralised, independent MASS MEDIA which fulfilled its traditional and honourable function to INFORM THE PUBLIC of the FACTS.

Ruling elites behind all these needless wars for profit realised they could not succeed in their nefarious (pathological) plan to ‘rule the world’ (believe it or not) until they tamed the media and assassinated public figures that led protest movements, which included popular artists, especially in the music industry. Well, the rest is history, leaders of various groups were assassinated by the CIA and the media began to be harnessed by ownership, the mega-wealthy elites did not suffer from a lack of funds, the Rockefellers created the Council on Foreign Relations, (CFR) a group which members were major media owners and other leading personalities of social influence, today the job is complete, the entire western media, now reduced from around fifty independents to four major disseminators of information today, most of which ‘information’ is FALSE.

It should also be noted that emerging new digital technologies were funded by these elites via CIA front companies, Google and Facebook are the most well known companies that today work hand in glove with the CIA/elites to, of course, DECEIVE the masses and now monitor their every move, AGAIN for corporate PROFIT.

The result is we no longer have an independent mass media, it is now quite clearly a propaganda apparatus (on steroids), the elites have so much confidence in the LYING machine they have created and own, they have dispensed with real EVIDENCE to verify their propaganda claims, repetition is the order of the day, as when one engages in constant lying, no real VERIFIABLE evidence exists.

Nevertheless, the entire world was duped into a clearly CRIMINAL aggressive invasion of a sovereign nation, Iraq, BASED on fabrications and outrageous LIES, since proven, though not ONE criminal actor has been held to account, though they would if the PUBLIC DEMANDED it, hence the need to own and control major sources of information, which serves to also distract the public from seeking JUSTICE. Contrast this with the public outrage of the Vietnam war which the media of the time served up nightly to the masses in the 60‘s ad 70‘s - indeed, media control equates with social control, as it is known that the collective IQ of the masses is in the minuses, Goebbles emphasised this point often, learned from readings of his favourite book, Gustav Le Bon’s, “The Crowd.”

Faced with the reality that the masses are and have always been completely amenable to the mass media, today’s elites are so confident they direct their puppet governments to commit major crimes openly, assuring the actors/perpetrators/puppets they would remain protected and safe from public scrutiny.

And so we have the world as it is today, a little research verifies all the above and more incriminating information but I know you couldn’t be bothered.

The result of a numbed public is plain to see, rather than engage in traditional trade, powerful western nations simply invade resource rich nations on one pretext or another and STEAL what they want and any leader that opposes Washington, the heart of the beast, is eliminated by all manner of attacks, funded of course by the same elite families that have ruled the world for centuries.

However, the misguided fools and independent professional journalists in the (primarily digital) alternative media, which is the only source of verifiable facts, continue to believe they make a difference, as they once did decades past.

Well, measures are now underway to silence and background via the (corporate) ownership of digital infrastructures and puppet regulatory agencies, the last few remaining independent voices screaming in the wilderness, though their now muted screams are barely heard. Very soon they will vanish and the world will become a living nightmare for the enslaved people but a short-lived paradise for criminal elites.

Nonetheless, take note, no-one escapes human nature, absolute power corrupts absolutely and the result will ruin those that imagine they have finally succeeded in global control -- with no-one to fight, subvert and conquer they would inevitably turn on themselves, it’s a given.

Welcome to your new fool’s paradise nefarious mass murdering elites; and with your clearly evident pathological personalities it’s sure to suit you in every way, for a while at least -- you would soon discover that money/power is no substitute for intelligence and integrity -- all you would have gained is your own ruin, FOOLS!

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