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Media Maze
by lex Friday, Apr 20 2018, 2:33am
international / poetry / post

distorted mirrored images as in a maze
reflect not what is real but contoured
mirrored distortions according to their design

exaggerated at times and compressed
at other times tho not one reflected image
reflects what is real

trapped in a mirror maze people
imagine they are what the contoured distortions
reflect tho the distorted reflections are real
according to their specific designs

without bearings or the real to guide
people become trapped and live in false realities,
the mirror makers are careful to reflect
and distort with semblances of the real --
pushing and pulling images this way and that
according to their designs

and so people remain deceived/enslaved

all mazes have an escape and those that
emerge in an un-distorted world
are shocked by the reality/truth they see

so painful and disorientating is the
unfamiliar real world and truth
they scramble to re-enter the maze
seeking the comfort of the group
living in dreams and shared un-realities

it seems preferable to most to live shared lies
rather than deal with solitary freedom/truth

some, very few, remain free outside
and are able to see how
the enslaving apparatus functions and
the machinations of those that manufacture
the mirrors and maze

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