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Trump and Kim -- Success -- Not a Snow Flake’s Chance
by jake Saturday, Apr 21 2018, 3:12am
international / prose / post

Whether it’s the 24 hour news cycle that wipes popular memory or the ever-present distractions and distortions of the real by the mass media/propaganda apparatus of the west, which confuses and blinds deduction, sense and reason, the talks between buffoon Trump, who desperately seeks recognition/adoration (NPD) and would do ANYTHING (including WWIII) to achieve it, or Kim’s rather astute Asian pragmatic, tactical approach (Kim earned his tertiary degree in Switzerland) covering all bases, including a negotiated peace deal between the two Koreas as fall-back, the upcoming talks between the two leaders is doomed, but why?

First we must view the forest not the trees, that is, everything currently and historically (21st century) political.

Consider that the staged false flag chemical attacks in Britain and Syria, designed to compromise Russia, have failed to gain traction, notwithstanding the choir (conducted by Washington) of servile allied nations singing, ‘Putin did it!’ Now note that NO DIRECT, SUBSTANTIAL PROOF HAS EVER BEEN OFFERED TO VERIFY CLAIMS AND CONDEMN PUTIN -- THAT IS F-A-C-T, AS DISTINCT FROM WESTERN MEDIA PROPAGANDA/FICTION, DISTORTIONS AND LIES!

Also, reputable independent voices have urged caution on the basis of no direct proof and combined with experienced established traditional investigative journalists, most notably Robert Fisk, who has offered on-the-ground perspectives on this knee-jerk (clearly planned) SELL/ASSUMPTION that Russia is responsible for both attacks, directly or indirectly!

CLEARLY, the staged UK chemical attack prior to the Syrian staged chemical attack is NO COINCIDENCE. Why? Well, it’s been published by Washington neocons themselves, PAX AMERICANA, or for those mesmerised by the western daily ‘news’ cycle, it means that the USA is hell bent on eliminating ALL obstructions to its megalomaniacal plan to rule the world, read the published PNAC document for verification.

Russia interfered with that plan by saving Syria from certain defeat and robbing the USA of a strategic location from which to attack Iran, the final target nation impeding Washington's plan for Middle East control, hence the easily deduced reason for the current demonization of Putin, who was once on the elite's payroll; while China’s new silk road and other powerful, disruptive of the status quo, initiatives would demolish the dollar on the global economic front, hence the ‘pivot to Asia’ and the new permanent occupation (in peacetime) of Australia by the US military, allowing the use of all sea-ports and airfields, which staggeringly stupid allowance/concession was made by former school girl PM, Julia Gillard, which of course has earned Australia the status of PRIMARY NUCLEAR TARGET (unprecedented) in the event of a likely American provoked war with China -- though not a single word of that obvious conclusion has ever been printed or spoken on the western mass media, little wonder -- we wouldn’t want to alarm those beer swilling Aussies and make life difficult for our owned/compliant Labor and Liberal parties in Australia.

And so we arrive at talks between Trump and Kim, noting that the proven mass murdering USA has NEVER veered from its objective to be the sole dominant power on the planet since publishing the neocon PNAC manifesto/document.

NOW NOTE that possibly the most lunatic hawkish neocon of the Cheney/Bush era, John Bolton, who should be serving a jail sentence, is now included in the inner circle of the Trump administration, with another lunatic war hawk, Mike Pompeo, who recently visited Kim for preliminary talks, which were publicised as friendly and fruitful -- which publicity immediately alarms analysts, given the context and the above historical information.

Of course, depth analysis points directly to yet ANOTHER AMERICAN RUSE; the stage is being set to display to the world how America tried so very hard to negotiate peace but that evil Kim refused and threatened to retaliate if attacked, and then possibly, kaboom on the Korean peninsular!

I mean really, one is not required to be a specialist to SEE the REAL, all that is required is reviewing recent US criminal history -- CRIMINAL wars of intervention based on false flags, pretexts and LIES, reviewing verifiable authentic evidence (published by Washington) in the public domain, the ability to add 2+2 and a MEMORY that extends past the 24 hour ‘news’/distraction cycle.

Now mesmerised dummies try to wake up to the historical and documented REAL world and leave the fictional western mass media with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Fair dinkum, when public awareness has been reduced to gnat level among western populations outcomes become predictable and could ONLY be disastrous -- Kim and Trump peace deal, FAT CHANCE, but BIG chance for an attempt at the nefarious Washington neocon plan SCREAMING in the background!

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