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Do YOU Like what You SEE Today?
by jaxie Wednesday, Apr 25 2018, 4:42am
international / prose / post

People forget that the anti-Vietnam war movement was Global with its strongest front from Western nations, the result, the cessation of a thoroughly illegal, mass murdering, (indiscriminate) carpet bombing American war on Indo-China, which killed at least 6 million INNOCENT peasants and civilians, YOU see, people had a conscience back then and were willing to participate daily in their democracies.

Today however, no-one is willing to accept responsibility for THEIR world and so the masses are led (to be expected) to their ruin while the nefarious few profit from all the illegal wars and exploitation raging world-wide today, with more wars planned as I write. So if you don't like what you see and where the WORLD is obviously heading, then either pull your thumbs out of your useless arses and accept your responsibilities, or suffer the consequences for your apathy and cowardice. It really is that simple.

How many peacemakers waging peace at any cost to themselves are covered by the western mass media today? Try to remember one, because the western propaganda machine only covers conflict and war; you SEE, the western media apparatus is elite owned today -- in contrast to the past (diversification) -- by the nefarious bastards that lead by feeding poison to the western masses. You want proof? Simply watch the ‘news’ (sewage) on any given day -- that is where your spinelessness has led you -- you are now a herd of media-numbed exploited masses and I pity you and the future you are creating for your useless selves.

The future of the WORLD is determined by YOUR actions or INACTIONS, not by a handful of LYING, avaricious pigs -- that simple! So enjoy the inequalities and inequities elites have created and ask who allowed it? Answer, YOU!

There it is, the indisputable TRUTH, choke on it! Other journalists, alternative or otherwise, are too frightened to tell you the Truth (popularity) after all, they have their reputations to preserve and are loath to jeopardise it, you see, they are the same as the slaves, they comply and so deceive and/or distract the public according to elite dictates -- no INTEGRITY whatsoever. And because they CHOOSE to ignore the TRUTH society goes to hell in a hand basket.

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