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"The Self is no more in the mind than the wind is in the trees." -- Swami Anandakapila Saraswati

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by quinn Friday, Apr 27 2018, 12:01am
international / poetry / post

its secret is a key
to the multiverse,
infinite dimensions
opening to the light of existence
not constrained by any one dimension,
it opens like a flower containing
everything inside and outside, micro and macro
which are one

are you able to conceive a nine dimensional prism?
not likely as the human mind is of this third dimension
and to enter other dimensions contained in the same space
you must lose yourself to infinity, a simple yet
impossible task for the trained, contained and disciplined
according to the limitations of the feeble knowledge/minds of men

conceptions, false knowledge which may build towers here
do not apply to infinity only the tell-tale galactic spirals
which appear here like a road sign indicating more,
much more

follow the pulse, the sound as it continues as light
of varying frequencies through space/continuity,
life is not static, itís frenetic, hyper-kinetic as it fills the void
with its joy continuously

it laughs and dances at all the perversions of men
and other beings trapped in their realms, indeed,
the entirety is saturated with life, are you able to speak jupiterian
or saturnian?

what issues from Life is life saturating All
that which is beginningless is endless

and so it dances and pulses forever expanding,
while men imagine they live and die trapped in the third

yet all life is able to connect to its source, The Life --
and so is revealed the vehicle -- what were you before
the third imprisoned you with a name and identity to separate
you from the whole?
Consciousness without content (unfettered) -- and therein lies
FREEDOM, birthless and deathless

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