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by lex Saturday, Apr 28 2018, 1:55am
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linear tracks offer
two directions only
trains go forward
and back
on the same track

and so the myopic reigns
in the minds of travellers
going backward and forward
on linear rails

wars in heaven, wars on earth
when will they ever learn,
the one-track minds of men?

fields are full, no tracks scarring the landscape

wild flowers dance in the openness
each according to its nature
while man tugs and toils
going backward and forward,
going nowhere

written records are linear,
history travels in one line
backward or forward but reality
bursts spherical in omni-directions
as my love explodes and embraces all
through you

watching you move/dance
before me,
every gesture, turn and expression
surrounds my being penetrating,
permeating my soul --
we are One

the topsy-turvy will inherit the earth
as they are of its nature, boundless, free

the linear streets of cities and rectangular
buildings confine by their linear direction,
up and down, a tragic habitat for
field and forest dwellers

kiss the sweet ground and kiss my lips,
my gateway to paradise

why did u take so long to fall into my eyes again
and take rest in my heart?
cease ur searching
u have returned
and nothing is able to separate us again

you knew you would return millennia ago
do remember withdrawing from my initial embrace
and becoming trapped in the linear ways
and myopic visions of gnats and moles
that have lost their way?

all must return home,
some sooner, some much later

the ways of man lead to wasted lives and death
my way leads to Love/Life
but how would you know paradise
if you hadnít experienced the confinements (slavery)
of hell?

i have left circles in the sand and land to guide

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