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The REAL Target
by justin Wednesday, May 2 2018, 1:44am
international / prose / post

While the Media distracts with Trump and North Korea letís not forget the deal the USA made with Israel -- what deal you say? Well, to initiate an attack on Iran based on some false flag or pretext. Whenever the US talks peace it means war, somewhere, you can always depend on more illegal AGGRESSION from Washington while neocons hold sway. Peace is a meaningless word in todayís American lexicon, obvious. But the masses are about to be conned YET AGAIN.

So, when was the last time YOU saw a leopard change its spots? Wake up WORLD, the most criminal states today are America and its servile vassals and allies -- the latest proof is the grossly illegal baseless (pretext) attack on Syria by the UK, France and the US, which ILLEGALITY the western media IGNORED -- regardless of which nations comprise the new coalition of WILLING criminals the USA will always be there at centre

So while the media distracts from the BIGGER criminal plan to attack Iran, watch the North Korean deal fail as the neocons have no intention of allowing the Korean peninsular to achieve PEACE. Now, how many pretexts and BIG LIES are YOU able to remember that America has utilised to pursue its criminal wars of mass murder, destruction/ruin and resource theft? You dumb useless, sheep!

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