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American Pathocracy
by lex Sunday, May 6 2018, 2:52am
international / prose / post

The American ‘Pathocracy’ is characterised by extremely flawed and grossly incompetent pathological leadership, which spews and rants all manner of idiocies, lies, delusions that transfix a pathological society which feeds from the sickness which has come to full bloom today. This clearly social disease, which screams loud and clear to other nations not yet infected, manifests and is personified by US president Trump, whose primary function is to create psychological chaos, DISTRACT and confuse, thereby disempowering the masses while the nefarious DEEP STATE continues with its psychopathic agenda of perpetual interventionist wars, resource theft and mass murder, which agenda hasn’t missed a beat since the presidency of Bill Clinton.

American politics today has descended into sick theatre, a charade of fools and puppets that have no power whatsoever, they are simply captured bad actors on a pre-prepared stage, designed by the real forces that lead and govern the nation to its doom.

The extremely (media) infectious nature of this disease has already reduced the population to gibbering idiots mesmerised by a theatre of fools, which population, if allowed to freely express itself, would destroy any civilised society. So extreme measures must be applied by the nefarious deep state which expresses itself as a shoot first, damage control later, POLICE STATE that functions to oppress, with overt terror tactics, the masses and maintain an extreme FEAR of authority -- Big Brother is indeed always watching and exploiting you, as has been widely publicised recently -- while of course allowing psychopathic criminals known collectively as the deep state, to function freely behind the absurdist scenes.

All laws international and local are flouted daily by the deep state but applied viciously to the population, the law was indeed meant for the masses but NOT for elites.

Need I continue, as even the captured are aware of the invisible media chains today which bind stronger than any metal chain as they are psychological and internalised. Nothing compares in history to the evil sophistication of crowd/perception management today. Simply concentrate media ownership, allow no other discourse to interfere on alternative mediums via digital censorship and infrastructure ownership, and the masses are yours, feeding from your hands.

Real power today is never overt its results are, illegal wars, police states, oligarchies etc; the forces that create so much hardship, disaster and ruin for YOU are secret, faceless and never held to account. Puppets, stooges and narcissists are placed on political stages to distract entertain and confuse, representative democracy is dead today, a facade is provided to distract, though you are granted one concession, to vote every few years for one or another group of puppets that vie to serve elites, as their money/power offers no other alternatives except of course social revolution, but what hope for that when billions have been psychologically castrated and remain docile when confronted with reality as regulatory authorities (gangsters) to harass, torture and incarcerate you for indefinite periods.

So elites NEVER lose and should a rogue candidate miraculously tip the status quo the privately owned, concentrated media goes into full swing and character assassinates that contender or leader until he/she is tamed or eliminated.

We could write endlessly about today’s pathocracies and the social disease they spread but it would be fruitless; however, it would serve some well to realise the root cause of this disease and the fertile ground from which it flourishes; you see, today’s sick society exists because we the masses have allowed it to insidiously infect, incrementally over decades until it has established itself as almost unassailable.

However, a cure is self-evident, withdraw, unsubscribe from the digital chains of social media, believe NOTHING that emanates from the mass media as it LIES and distorts continually, news is shaped today to serve nefarious elites that have hijacked ALL western democracies.

There is no freedom without mental clarity -- the ‘news’ is a 24/hour cycle designed to neutralise opposition and prevent ongoing analysis of any one discourse/story; it is designed primarily to keep secret agendas hidden so as to prevent focus on all the criminal activities of nefarious elites that place political parties in ‘power’ and change them as easily as changing their shirts.

The source of elite power is misinformation, accuracy is not an issue for them as false information has proven more powerful than accurate information.

Meanwhile continue watching this game of sick charades presented to you daily and unsubscribe; free your minds and eliminate the shackles of media slavery and its obvious polluting lunacy.

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