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Lament America
by jake Monday, May 7 2018, 12:43am
international / poetry / post

stroke ur harp and pluck my heart
with the perfect hands of an angel,
oscillate thru my soul and extract my spirit
to ur heavenly paradise

they have killed the dream that you play,
they have assassinated the flame of freedom
encoded in the bill so play me away
beyond the reach of the insanity that is
the lie of America

lament the loss of all that is enshrined
in the matchless founding documents --
who killed America?

such promise at the beginning, which led
to death, avarice, slavery and selfishness,
lament the loss of America, who assassinated
its promise?

a potential social paradise now an open air
violent, lunatic asylum led by psychopaths,
who destroyed the dream, our dream?

play ur magic harp my angel
transport me to paradise, we must leave
the lost hopes of America and its lost people,
a nation that relishes its status
as the world’s leading civilian killing nation,
innocence crucified, a nation destroyed

ur stringed oscillations transport me from
the hell that is America today, a soulless, lost,
desperate and brutal nation

goodbye America,
we lament you no more

play my soul and heart my angel,
together we shall deliver the hopes of humanity
to another more able nation

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