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U.S. Senate Votes to Restore Net Neutrality
by jaxie Wednesday, May 16 2018, 8:44pm
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Pressure from approx. 16 million US citizens seemed to sway the US Senate, however, it's the House of Reps that counts -- the battle is far from over.

To move the House of Reps at least half the population must mobilise and apply the same pressure on members of the House of Reps before internet freedom is restored and the chances of that occurring with today's numbed and media paralysed populations are minimal. Nevertheless, it CAN BE DONE, as 16 million citizens DEMONSTRATED.

The small effort required to maintain freedom on the internet is well worth it, as various sites have already been backgrounded by Mega-IT companies like Facebook and Google. However, a tsunami of concerned citizens insisting on Freedom is able to save the day. The proof of people power has been demonstrated so get to it and save the last remaining social space where people are able to speak freely and openly, it's in all our interests to act and do not imagine for a minute that it's already won because it isn't, do your bit and prove that America is a REAL democracy where people decide their own future, not a bunch of vested, UNREPRESENTATIVE, elite interests, which would no doubt do everything in their power to enslave and maintain elite rule.

This issue may be the first of many future examples of people power RESTORING democracy to America. Be inspired by the effort of the 16 million that swayed the Senate. We are ABLE to overcome the political puppets bought and owned by mega-wealthy elite interests.

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